October 2007
Watercolor on Lana cold press, 5 x 7"
on hold for exhibit

People often complain about the bad soil in Nashville. I have to tell you that if you reach down into my yard and pull up a clump of earth, chances are, you'll have a handful of earthworms. Before this was an early suburb of Nashville, these few blocks were a nursery. Before that, this area of greater Flatrock was farms, before that, plantations and when the Native Americans lived here, they forbid any building on this land because of the rich soil and kept this area for planting and marketing.

This is what sold me on my little house. I walked around and saw this yard with a rabbit and a cardinal and thought, this is it.

Obviously, during October I have to paint outside. The light is lovely and the foliage is full and lush. I hope this time warp hasn't been too confusing. One more of these from the archives and then we're back to the present and beautiful moment.

See today's sketch then visit My Great Day. It's always a surprise.

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caseytoussaint said...

This looks like such a beautiful place, and your painting is so full of that wonderful late-summer sun...
I can see myself relaxing in that Adirondack chair!

Suzanne said...

Hi Casey! This is one of my most favorite paintings of the yard. You would never be able to tell from this what is two to three blocks away! I'll keep that hush-hush because, right here, for now at least, it's paradise.

Mineke Reinders said...

Lush and lovely! Your yard looks like such a fertile oasis, makes me feel ashamed of mine when I look out the window... It's interesting about the history of the soil in your area, no wonder you fell in love with it.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Mineke. It is a fertile oasis but I wouldn't feel ashamed of what you see out your window. You have other things growing beautifully (like your daughter!)

laura said...

Wow--a great scene--I love the strong color and the variety of shapes and marks.