The Very Good Day

The Very Good Day
October 2006
Watercolor on Fabriano cold press, 7 x 10"
on hold for exhibit

This was one of the most exciting painting experiences ever. The brush moved almost like automatic writing. I was completely engaged and knew that if I stopped, it would be all over so I didn't stop. I kept right on moving until the painting was finished. Exhausting in a pleasant way, and a thrill.

This shows the mulberry stump on the left that came down in a storm earlier this year. In the post about removing that stump, I wrote about the flaming head of poison ivy that would cascade over the stump. Well, here's how it looked. You'll see another version next week.

I've posted a great song with a list of my favorite films staring children over at My Great Day plus see a sketch of some dogwood blooms at my drawing blog.

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Don Gray said...

Lovely. Glad you're blogging away again.

Suzanne said...

Hi Don! Gee, I've already forgotten that I'd taken a short break!

Mineke Reinders said...

Hi Suzanne, your excitement in painting this shows in the lovely light and energy, the glorious colors. I am really enjoying this series of paintings of your yard, and I'll go and look at your sketches now, which I also love :)

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Mineke!