Red Shed (after the rain)

Red Shed (after the rain)
October 2007
Watercolor on Lana hot press paper, 4 x 6"
on hold for exhibit

In this painting, I edited everything in front of the back neighbor's shed to show it as the main subject. You can see some of the wax leaf privet I planted along the alley. A future hedge.

Read about the Sublime at My Great Day and see a very sloppy rainy scene at Sketches.

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laura said...

Beautiful, fresh greens, and I love the areas you left white: they really sparkle!

Suzanne said...

Hey Laura! Thanks for your comments - I'm glad you came by.

Dawn said...

all your neighborhood/yard paintings are lovely Suzanne! fresh!

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Dawn!

Don Gray said...

Something very satisfying about this vertical format, the color and the way your design divides up the spaces.

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Don! For all the reasons you describe - some really hit the spot.